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Video sobre LocalPlan

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About us

LocalPlan webpage offers various plans of local traveling (rural and urban) based on the interaction of the client with the locals. These activities include the development of handicrafts, the participation in traditional or typical experiences and the learning of the traditions of the places visited. We support an authentic, respectful and sustainable tourism based on cultural immersion.

Our plans or activities

LocalPlan offers real experiences to discover traditional activities, to learn about the processes and product developments made as they have been done "lifetime". We believe that traveling is about doing, learning, listening, talking, tasting, feeling, smelling ... and generally soaking up in the sites you visit. We sell a participatory hands-on and responsible tourism, in which the interaction with the locals of the area is essential. This is not about tours, scheduled visits or fixed plans. The activities follow a line, but they are always flexible and leaded to spontaneity.

Our "local people"

They are locals: real people, farmers and artisans that wish to share their knowledge and welcome you with hospitality. They make their towns and cities what they are, imprinting the character that defines them. They are their hallmark. Meet them!

The team

Our team is formed by experts in the travel sector with specialization in sustainable tourism. We are passionate about traveling, learning, sharing and innovating.
We like the slow-travel movement, we like sustainable and responsible tourism, we like "lonely planet", "coachsurfing" and "woof".

Our goal

To help all travelers to discover, book easily and enjoy the pleasures and the local knowledge worldwide. We promote a dynamic, sustainable, respectful, traditional, active and authentic tourism.

We help locals who want to show something interesting and distinctive in their area. We advise them on how to develop an activity or a plan about their specialty to fulfill our quality standards so they can advertise on our website.

Why LOCALPLAN? Our philosophy:

Benefits for customers
LocalPlan offers unique activities that can be booked in a clear, fast, effective and safe way. Lowest prices are guaranteed on all of our plans. We do not charge any booking or administration fees.
Benefits for locals
LocalPlan provides a sales channel for producers and local craftsmen who can reach a large number of visitors with a profitable model.
The environment wins
LocalPlan is based on sustainable development. Helping to maintain traditional activities is helping to preserve the natural environment.
Preserving the ethnographic and cultural heritage
LocalPlan offers plans that are part of the cultural and ethnographic heritage of our land. This immaterial knowledge is being lost because many artisand can not compete with industrial production. If you value it, transmit it and share it, you will contribute to that there are still people who do these things, and that the new generations continue to do so.

The company

LocalPlan operates with the domains:,,
LocalPlan website is available in 2 languages: English and Spanish.
LocalPlan is registered with the VAT number NIF: 51450685F and in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.